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Giftware inspired by the creative artists of Indonesia

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All of our products at Fat Giraffe Gifts are Ethically made. Most of our products have been created by using recycled bi-products, which supports sustainability in Ubud, Bali. 


All of our wonderful products at Fat Giraffe Gifts are handmade by individually skilled crafts men and woman in Ubud, Bali. Each product is handcrafted, which allows our products to be unique and one of a kind. 

Freedom Trade

Everything that is created for Fat Giraffe Gifts helps to sustain jobs for our talented crafts men and woman. We cut out the mass produced factories, with multiple middle men and we pay directly to the amazing people of Bali. 


What We Stand For

At Fat Giraffe Gifts, we are proud to tell our story and provide reasonably priced, unique, handcrafted gifts, knowing that everything is produced in an ethical and sustainable way.  

We have such pride in explaining to our Customers exactly who makes everyone of our products.  Everything and everyone has a story. It’s a joy to showcase the extremely talented crafts men and woman of Ubud, Bali. 


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