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Fat Giraffe Gifts are Bath Life Awards Finalists!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Fat Giraffe Gifts - Baths very own gift shop providing handcrafted gifts from Bali are finalists at the Bath Life Awards in the 'New Business’ Category and we couldn't be happier!!

Here is what I submitted for the application, it also gives you some background of our journey at Fat Giraffe Gifts so far……

What makes 2021 a significant period for your business or organisation? Please give clear examples of business/organisation excellence and describe how your business has developed?

In the Summer of 2020, Josh returned from Bali, Indonesia, where he had been working directly with the local tradesmen and woman and had been living there for 2 years. In November 2020 Josh was selling products out of the back of our van in Redland, Bristol and offering a click & collect service during the pandemic. This was all from the power of Facebook Marketplace and we started to see high demand for these amazing gifts.

In December 2020, we decided whilst sat around the Christmas table at Josh’ parents house to call our Company Fat Giraffe Gifts, we registered the Company, with the aim to find a shop.

January – March 2021 our aim was to continue to make a living through Facebook Marketplace but also to find a shop to open and order our first container from Bali. This was a huge risk and a big move, we had no idea the shop would even take off – but we did believe in ourselves and each other.

We researched logos, colours, locations, different sized shops, till systems, we brainstormed the look and feel of the shop, the vibe we wanted to give – we had A LOT to do on a limited budget. With no experience.

We know due to our start up budget, we needed to find a short term lease as a pop up and we came across 25 Milsom Street. Josh negotiated and managed to get a short term license agreement in place until December 2021, which we couldn’t believe.

Josh worked solidly, finding ways to build the shop shelves out of old fruit containers, recycling materials where we could to save money. Our container from Bali arrived in June 2020 and we opened the doors to Fat Giraffe Gifts.

June – December 2021 Josh focused on the shop and I focused on trying to build our online presence. Instagram was created and I also launched our website. We still had a high following on Facebook Marketplace from our click & collect phase and we focused on ensuring these Customers still felt like they were a part of the shop and the business. We still have returning Customers today, some have come for miles and miles to see our shop & supported us from the start – we remain so thankful to every one of those Customers.

2020 was such an important year for us, from starting the shop from the back of a van to managing to secure an amazing shop in Bath and creating the start of Fat Giraffe Gifts, we are so happy to be in Bath and we have now secured a lease for 4 years at Milsom Street. We have plans to keep continuing to expand Fat Giraffe Gifts and are excited for 2022.

What is unique, innovative and distinctive about your business or organisation?

Fat Giraffe Gifts directly supports the local handicraftsmen and woman of Ubud, Bali – Indonesia.

Josh lived within a 3 mile radius of all of our Suppliers in Ubud, Bali and we buy our stock directly from them. There are no middle men.

Everything we sell is sustainable and ethically sourced. Most of the wooden products are bi-products of wood and also we even use the smashed glass from a mirror manufacturing company to produce the amazing glass bowls that we use.

When we order a container from Bali, the whole process takes between 4-6 months. From manufacturing, to then shipping to the UK. This can cause issues with stock being delayed and not arriving, which happened to us at Christmas this year, however we stand buy our ethos of supporting these amazing people in Indonesia. It also means we can design Products directly to ensure we fulfil our consumers requirements.

Closing pitch

Although this award nomination is for our Company Fat Giraffe Gifts, I would like to specifically call out Josh my partner. He has given his all to this business and his drive and amazing charisma to make this a success.

Customers love him, you just have to read the reviews on Facebook to understand how amazing he is with Customers. Fat Giraffe Gifts is a part of us, its not just our shop in Bath, its a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the past year and we continue to push this business together in 2022.

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